How To Mod Gamerscore With a USB Drive

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How To Mod Gamerscore With a USB Drive Empty How To Mod Gamerscore With a USB Drive

Post by Koriatou on Mon Apr 19, 2010 2:37 am

No more transfer cable needed! All you need a USB drive that can hold at least 1 GB, and some patience.

Step 1.
Plug your USB drive in to your 360
Step 2.
Find the Memory option and go to "USB Storage Device"
Step 3.
Click on it and configure it. Wait for the bar to fill.
Step 4.
Move your profile onto the USB drive. Remove USB drive.
Step 5.
Plug your USB drive into your computer.
Step 6.
Download this tool:
Make sure it's the updated version.
Step 7.
Go to file -> Open Drive then navigate to your profile. It should be easy to find. Right click this and extract it to your desktop.
Step 8.
Download both of these.
Step 9.
Open your profile in Profile Editor like you would normally mod your gamerscore. Use Unlock All offline and then save your profile.
Step 8.
Open this newly saved profile in Modio, rehash and resign.
Step 9.
Open USB Explorer again, delete the current profile from the list (right click) then right click and Inject your new profile from the desktop.
Step 10.
Go to file, close drive, unplug your USB drive from the computer, plug back into the 360 and sign your profile in.
If it was done correctly, your gamerscore should be modded.

Step 11 (optional)
Watch this video.