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Post by WingmaSSter on Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:11 am

Hey guys, you may be wondering if there are any rewards for contributing to the site? You've come to the right thread!

A VIP is somebody who has contributed to the site a huge amount, or in a huge way.

Q - Why would I want to be a VIP?
A - VIPs are held to the highest of the high respects, only under myself and the super moderators. When you get VIP you will be added to the VIPs group, making your name turn an indigo color. VIP's posts and threads are never deleted. VIPs names are added onto the VIP list for everyone to see. VIP's can request for their threads to be stuck by me personally, and it will be taken into serious consideration. Because VIPs are held to a high respect, their posts are thanked more frequently than general members. VIPs get to choose what their member ranking says! Flaming or disrespecting a VIP in anyway is absolutely ZERO tolerance. If you are a VIP and a position of power is empty, you are the first looked at when we search for staffers to fill it! Any other requests that a VIP has should be asked to me, and I will do my best to fulfill them!
One last thing VIPs get is exclusive access to the VIP sections!

Q - How do I become a VIP?
A - There are a few ways to gain VIP status. The first and most important is by impressing me. You have to stand out in such a way that I am proud to be able to call you a member of my forum. The second is by getting enough nominations from your fellow members. The nominations must be sent as a pm to me or else they will not be looked at, and it is up to me to determine whether or not VIP status is granted.

NOTE: Posting kick butt tutorials and making lots of references is a great way to get yourself noticed!

Q - I am a lobby confirmer.. how do I get VIP?
A - Confirm a huge amount of lobbies! It will get noticed, I'm watching!

Q - I am a Diet Mod. How do I get VIP?
A - Be a really good Diet Mod, and contribute with your posts at the same time!

Q - I am a super moderator.. How do I become a VIP?
A - You are already of higher status; You help run the site, but if you earn it than you can be put into the VIP group!

ALSO! Give it a while. Youre not going to get VIP right away. VIPs represent what our site is. So you have to be really really good.

This thread will be left open for discussion! Good luck guys!

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