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Post by WingmaSSter on Tue Mar 09, 2010 9:10 am

Submit your applications by adding a new topic to this forum.

The positions we are currently searching for are - Super moderator, Mini mod, Advertisement team, Xp lobby confirmer.

THE FORMAT MUST BE AS FOLLOWS - Anything else will be overlooked.

Name -

Position -

Reason you want to be -

Why I should pick you -

Super moderators - Are second to only me. You are in charge of a wide range of things.

Mini Mod - Focus their moderation on a specific category or sub-forum.

Advertisement team - Advertises for the site and answers to ColdBeast and I.

Xp lobby confirmers - Confirm lobs. are legit and post a reply saying so in the specific thread.

NOTE - Super mods and Mini mods are only picked because they stand out. You will not be accepted just because you wrote up a good application, you need to prove to me that you will not leave the site and that you are dedicated and available. You can do this by making helpful, frequent posts.. Just remember we are watching for you.

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