How to Make a Thorough Tutorial

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How to Make a Thorough Tutorial Empty How to Make a Thorough Tutorial

Post by coldbeast on Tue Mar 09, 2010 12:11 pm

Welcome to the How to Make a Thorough Tutorial tutorial

The first thing I want to go over is..
BB Code!

For those of you unfamiliar with BB Code, this is the code you use to format text, insert pictures, and what not.
You'll see boxes above the text box when you type, much like the ones you'll see in microsoft word.
If you've never used microsoft word, sorry.

The way the BB Code here is set up makes it very simple.
For example, to type in bold there are two main ways to do it.
What you do is, click the bold button, type what you want, and click bold again.
Alternatively, you can type what you want, and then highlight the text you wish to change, and select bold.
There's the basics, you can pretty much use those methods for most of the tools.

Putting in a picture is different.
The easiest way to do this is click the image button, put in the direct url of the photo, and hit ok. Simple as that.
By direct url I mean the site with only the picture. For example, go to google images, and click an image, and hit view full size.
That's a direct url right there.
Now you know how to put in pictures.

Knowing how to format text and insert pictures are probably the most fundamental parts of posting.
My guess is most of you already know that. Kudos to you.

Now here's the best way to make a tutorial:

First off, your going to title the thread of your tutorial what your tutorial is about, like mine.
Next, try to be as descriptive as possible, include pictures (if you can) and details outlining each.
And lastly, the follow up. Watch for questions that people have that you can help them with.

For uploading your own photos, try or

Message me for any questions regarding this tutorial! Its locked so that way I can answer your questions more directly.

~Cheers! coldbeast
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