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Post by coldbeast on Tue Mar 09, 2010 12:06 pm

Hey everyone, Im coldbeast, the main leader of the PC section, and I guess I am supposed to introduce the PC forums to you.
Well basically, there are three subdivisions;
PC Games, where you can talk about various games, good oldies, soon to be released, questions about certain games, all that good stuff.
PC Hacks, where you post your hacks for the PC programs, games, you name it. Post it for all to enjoy.
PC Tutorials, where you can give tutorials on things. Thats very general. If you have a question and are looking for a tutorial, you can go ahead and post it in there too. Be sure to look at the "How to Make a Thorough Tutorial" tutorial in that division though, for various tips.

More detailed PC Games:
Please note, if one game starts to get lots and lots of discussion, and this goes for Xbox too, we WILL add a specific section for that game, as we did for MW2. And I will do the dirty work and move all the respective threads into the correct section. I enjoy organizing, but not binders. Otherwise, the section is kind of obvious. Most importantly, don't be shy! Start your own game thread, you'll be surprised when people discuss it with you. Ask, answer, discuss, look forward too, whatever you're looking for here, find it. Be the first!

So, be free, enjoy the PC forums.
And make sure to follow the forum rules.

~Cheers, coldbeast
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